terça-feira, 5 de novembro de 2013

We are an organization with a mission to bring people from across society to Hope for a better life . To transform the reality of seniors , adults , youth and children through a culture of life based on love and solidarity. Whether through the arts ( dance, music , theater ) , recreational or educational activities .

          We are young people who believe in the power that one day someone said that we have. So, overcome evil life . We are lovers of all peoples and nations from the west to the east, and we hope that we take this and live everywhere and on every continent .

         Our institution is comprised of people dedicated to other people , and fight against violence and all forms of demonstrations . We fight also for the health and dignity of families and their members are seasoned in fighting all social ills such as drugs , prostitution , corruption and every manifestation of death , theft and destruction that has reigned in our time .

And for final clarification really believe that we are part of the mission of restoring life to all peoples of the Earth . And we are motivated in such a way that nothing can stop us , because we know that we are warriors for a worthy cause and you'll win. Where we are based for such conviction ? In the following belief :

          We are those who believe that love is the only path that leads to hope, and that regardless of all this love for the truth is that there needs to be qualified , because He is the Life we all need and if not by love find nothing better.

So act thinking and practicing this Love . Couse, for  this love... Nothing is impossible.

Pastor  Ruidemar Damasceno
Impact Missions N'ativa

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